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CPS Soccer Academy goalkeeper program is of the highest quality. The goalkeeper program is a technique development program for youth goalkeepers. Our aim is to develop confident and technical goalkeepers in a fun encouraging environment with the aim of maximizing each player’s development. Our goalkeepers will learn on what we call a no "but" program. "He is a good shot stopper BUT he can't kick". We aim to eliminate all the "but's" from the goalkeeper so that we produce the most well rounded goalkeeper possible.

To maximize the goalkeepers development we provide each player with professional coaching, age specific technical programs, advice from professional playersand guidance away from the soccer field.


The goalkeeper programs run at our Hendersonville, Nashville and Murfreesboro locations. The sessions are generally 1 hour in length. 


Each player is placed or grouped with age and/or skill specific partners where possible. Our goal is to make sure all players are improving at every training so that they can be the best player that they can be.

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