Our mission at CPS Soccer Academy is to provide professional high level coaching to each student within our academy through the development of skills and technique whilst maintaining a fun supportive environment allowing for each player to perform at their highest level.



Barcelona Soccer Academy Nashville

The Soccer Environment:


  • CPS Soccer Academy promotes participation, in an enjoyable environment, free from discrimination and politics, guided by the principles of respect, hard work and ethical behavior

  • ​CPS Soccer Academy promotes soccer of all levels​

Development Focused:

  • CPS Soccer Academy promotes skill based development through appropriate training, according to the age and skill level of the player

  • CPS Soccer Academy promotes long-term player development

  • CPS Soccer Academy promotes further opportunities to develop through the academy, as well as, guest coaching from professional players and coaches


Player oriented:

  • CPS Soccer Academy promotes small group (10:1 player to coach ratio) coaching that is player centered allowing for each player to have more touches on the ball and optimal time with their coach