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Below we have content for you all to take a look at. These videos cover topics that we are working on right now. Each week during the program we will continue to upload more content for you. Please take the time to watch and learn! This will help you on the field and at GK practice!


  • Feet shoulder width apart 

  • Knees bent

  • Shoulders slightly over your toes

  • Palms facing each other

  • Arms off the body

  • Head still

 1v1 technique 

  • Aggressive into the ball

  • Arms to the side

  • Chest in line with the ball

  • One foot steps at the ball and the back knee comes down and through the ball


  • Get set

  • If the ball is on the right side of your body you step with the right foot forward

  • If it is on the left you step with the left foot forward

  • You get low to the ground

  • push through the ball with the ball running up your arms and into your chest

  • You end up on your forearms 


  • Get set

  • Step at the ball

  • Hands to/on the ball at the same time

  • One hand on top and one hand behind

  • Make sure the elbow closest to the ground is tucked in

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